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Alkemy Guitares joined



A big thanks to Alkemy Guitares for joining the Family !


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As you could see, Frédéric Donval, the founder of Alkemy Guitares, makes great guitars… and they sound killer!





Alkemy Guitares joined


Frédéric Donval is a self-taught luthier since 1996. A woodworker and graduate designer, he likes to call himself “sorcerer’s apprentice”.


He designs and builds extraordinary electric guitars and basses, paying particular attention to the visual identity of the instrument.


In addition to a permanent search for excellence in sound, ergonomics and attention to detail are for him the values he likes to follow throughout his research and manufacturing process.


His style, far from the usual clichés, finds its sources in science fiction, drawing inspiration from the worlds of manga, cyber-punk and Marvel comics.

His passions and inspirations don’t stop there! A fan of motorsports, architecture and furniture, all fields related to design allow him a growing creativity.

Trained as a designer, he knows how to adapt to all styles and loves above all to take on new challenges in order to give life to his clients’ wildest projects.


Frédéric prefers above all to work with craftsmen and manual labor.


He shapes wood as well as metals or carbon fiber to create unique hardware or decorative elements.

He also surrounds himself well when the task requires it and calls upon talented French craftsmen who can assist him.




Some pictures of Alkemy Guitares
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Alkemy Guitares joined
Alkemy Guitares – Frédéric Donval – RocknBreaker


Alkemy Guitares joined
Alkemy Guitares – Frédéric Donval – eXnihiler


Alkemy Guitares joined
Alkemy Guitares – Frédéric Donval – Flying-X-V


Alkemy Guitares joined
Alkemy Guitares – Frédéric Donval – Road-K-ster


Alkemy Guitares joined
Alkemy Guitares – Frédéric Donval – LamboKaster


Alkemy Guitares – Frédéric Donval – ProtoKaster


Alkemy Guitares – Frédéric Donval




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