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Blind Guitars B-42: the luthier, Virgile Pilon

If you are interested in this instrument, we invite you to consult the personal page of the luthier by clicking on the link below. You can contact him directly from his contact form on his personal page of the website.



Virgile Pilon, founder of Blind Guitars, defines his B-42 model as follows:


Mythical guitar. Ideal strumming instrument inspired by the dreadnought from the 40’s. The B-42 can cover a lot of different styles with incredible power, fat and rich basse and sweet trebles. A true cathedral.




Blind Guitars B-42: Inspiration and history of the original model…


When designing this instrument, Virgile Pilon was inspired by the mythical Gibson J-45 model released in 1942.


This mythical model is a dreadnought-style acoustic guitar made by the Gibson firm. It has long been considered the most famous and widely used Gibson acoustic guitar model.


Many of our favorite artists at regularly play on this type of model.


We could mention many famous names, but three of them, who regularly feature on our vinyl turntable, are now inseparable from this model.

Jeffrey Foucault, who uses a 1947 model, he often confesses that it might be from 1946… Cam Penner, who often switches from a J-45 to another AJ model. And, of course, our long-time darling, Kelly Joe Phelps, who used a 1947 J-45 on almost all of “Sky Like a Broken Clock”…

There are many others artists that could be mentioned, we will surely come back to this in another dedicated article.


The J-45 is part of Gibson’s Round Shoulder Jumbo line.


This game started in 1934 with the Jumbo Flat top. The famous AJ that was mentioned by quoting Cam Penner in the previous paragraph.

This range was introduced by Gibson to compete with the “D” line from C.F. Martin & Company.

The J-45 is very well known for its sunburst finish, rather dark in the beginning, then cherry in the 60s. Its warm bass, excellent projection and exceptional playability make it the ideal companion of many songwriters. Another Gibson model, the J-50, is structurally similar. Known for its natural finish, it first appeared in 1942, but did not enter “regular” production until 1947.


That’s it for the historical background, let’s come back to this Blind B-42 Custom Blacktop for sale.



Blind Guitars B-42 For Sale
Blind Guitars B-42 For Sale – Custom Black Top



Blind Guitars B-42 Custom Blacktop : Technical data sheet

The technical data sheet is data from the dealer or from the luthier.

If you have any questions about this instrument, it is necessary to contact directly the luthier or his dealer.


Technical data sheet :

  • Soundboard: Roasted Adirondack Spruce
  • Body: Padouk
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood
  • Scalelenght: 24.75
  • Neck profile: FAT C / Baseball bat
  • Bridge: Indian rosewood
  • Pickup: K&K pure Mini
  • Finish: Matte Nitrocellulose varnish
  • Case: yes



How to buy?

This instrument is available directly from the luthier:



Some pictures of the
Blind Guitars B-42 For Sale
Custom Blacktop



Blind Guitars B-42 For Sale
Blind Guitars B-42 For Sale – Custom Black Top


Blind Guitars B-42 For Sale – Custom Black Top


Blind Guitars B-42 For Sale
Blind Guitars B-42 For Sale – Custom Black Top


Blind Guitars B-42 For Sale – Custom Black Top


Blind Guitars B-42 For Sale
Blind Guitars B-42 For Sale – Custom Black Top




Blind Guitars’ philosophy


“Blind Guitars” is a tribute to the bluesmen of the 20-30s and the instruments that accompanied them.


Their sound has profoundly marked the history of blues, rock and many other musical styles.

Each model is a direct reminder of this culture and music that has spread throughout the world and beyond, even in the recordings found in the Voyager 1 spacecraft that is now navigating outside the solar system.

As a luthier concerned about the sound and quality of his instruments, the original plans have been improved to bring more dynamics and richness to the sound.


Virgile Pilon, founder of Blind Guitars, is convinced that the guitar must immediately become the musician’s extension.


It must open up a maximum of playing and creative possibilities to the guitarist.

Virgile builds each guitar according to the playing, affinities and taste of each musician, with the aim of getting as close as possible to their desires while helping them discover an instrument that pushes them towards new creative limits.



Video example of a B-42 Blind Guitars
by the excellent Julien Bitoun at Guitare Village







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