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Our aim is to design and supply tools of unique design to increase the efficiency and enjoyment of musical instrument making and restoration.

Our specialized jigs and fixtures, sanding machines, clamps, peg shapers and other tools have been conceived and informed from a lifetime of tool use and innovation. And not all that short a life.

Having had an interest in musical instrument making since the age of twelve and starting a manufacturing business at age twenty-one, my fifty years years in business have included product design, mechanical design, industrial model making and products produced from wax, gypsum, plastics, leather, wood, glass, ceramic fiber, and metal.

Bringing this knowledge base in a full circle back to the early and continuous interest in musical instruments is, I hope, both a significant contribution to the trades, as well as a source of enjoyment here at Alberti Design.

It is fun stuff, and a wonderful community to serve.


Alberti Design products :

  • The Alberti Disk Sander
  • The Alberti Frog Slide Fixture
  • The Alberti Peg Shaper
  • The Alberti Peg Skiver
  • The Alberti C-Clamp
  • The Alberti Frog Eyelet Fixture
  • Alberti Mandrels
  • The Alberti Foret
  • The Alberti Drill Depth Stop
  • Alberti Cello Endpins



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