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Restoration sales & supplies violin, viola, cello & bows



Welcome to Allegrostrings - workshop services since 2005

  • Repairs and restorations
  • Sales and assessments
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Tonal adjustments
  • Custom chinrest/shoulder rest fitting
  • Out-of-hours service for urgent repairs
  • Significant educational discounts
  • Allianz approved for insurance repairs



Over 15 years of musician-centered service, beginner to recorded artist.

Repairs and Restorations

Full workshop service for all aspects of instrument care and repair.

Sales and Assessments

Instruments of all levels, for beginner to seasoned pro and with low workshop overheads, invariably available at significantly less than many other firms in the capital.

All instruments are sold with prior optimal tonal-adjustment, displaying the closest approach to their performance potential.

Close trade links with certain current makers within the U.K. have been demonstrated particular appeal for a musicians at the start of their career, invariably offering the highest performance for any available outlay. Please inquire for further information or to arrange a trial.

Wide range of Accessories

With few exceptions, any string or accessory currently manufactured can be supplied quickly, together with recommendation as to what may be found ideally suited. Experimenting with strings and other accessories can quickly prove costly for a player, so being able to offer assistance based on various factors and and past feedback from musicians saves significant time and unnecessary expense.

Set-up & Tonal Adjustment

Enabling a particular instrument to reach its potential, results from ensuring a wide range of factors are optimally adjusted and working together as a whole. The workshop specialises in this area and offers gratis assessment for any instrument to ascertain as to whether any factor/s can be improved. If the adjustment/s are wished and the difference is not noticeable to the musician, no charge is made and the adjustment reversed.



About Allegrostrings

Having studied at the International School of Violin Making Newark, in 2003 an opening became available to work as principal outworker for one of oldest instrument firms. From 2013 services to private clients constituted the majority of work undertaken, this having remained the case until the present.


Musicians for whom regular inquiries have been requested

London Conservatoires:

  • The Guildhall School of Music,
  • The Royal Academy of Music,
  • TheLondon College of Music,
  • Trinity College of Music
  • and The Royal College of Music


Junior Music Schools:

  • The Royal College of Music,
  • The Royal Academy of Music,
  • Questors Young Musicians and Ealing Junior Music School



  • private and peripatetic


Orchestral and Chamber Music professionals:

  • members of London Orchestras and the English National Opera and well-established string quartets


The opportunity to draw on recent insights in the field of instrument accoustics in conjunction with centuries old knowledge, is of particular interest and an area for which this being furthered with several colleagues, currently being undertaken. The results of this are anticipated for future implementation into new instruments and optimising the set-up of existing ones


We kindly inform our customers that it is necessary to make an appointment by phone or by email before coming to the workshop.


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