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Building and repairing guitars and ukuleles since 2005 in Sakura, Tochigi,Japan.


Born and raised in Sakura and went to guitar building school in Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada.


I’ve been working on almost any kinds of guitars, such as acoustic guitars, electric guitars, arch-top guitars, nylon stringed guitars, gypsy guitars and ukuleles.

My speciality on building is Jazz guitars, especially gypsy guitars which is often called Selmer-Maccaferri style guitars.


Our mission is to help my customer’s life time partner.

A good instrument should look fine, easy to play, and sounds sweet to the player.

I think that makes the players happy to play the instrument and even make they play better.


I believe that finding suitable instruments for someone is similar to meeting good friends or partner.And it makes their life richer.

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