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I have devoted myself to music and wood craft for as long as I can remember. Guitar was an obvious choice.

I turned to fingerstyle and acoustic blues in my young teens.

My craft springs from the traditional Swedish slojd, where the properties of the wood form the basis of what will be the final product.

Through this experience I have found my way to read what kind of sounds the wood will produce.

All the senses are in the process. The vision is obvious, but just as much hearing, touch, smell and even to some extent taste. All this combines with what I know about guitar making, as I learned from others and from my own mistakes.

I build four basic models. These differ in size, shape and tonality.

When you find a model you like I build your wishes into the instrument.

Therefore, every guitar I build is completely unique, both tonally and aesthetically. Whatever the model, my ambition is to build a well-balanced instrument that provides a clear answer to what you as a guitarist want to achieve.

The goal is to build the world’s best guitar for you.



My four basic models. These differ in size, shape and tonality.



This is the smallest model I make. The shape makes it naturally eye catching in any setting. Its tonality is well-balanced and makes it equally good in the recording studio as purely acoustic on the small stage. The inspiration for B-Parlor comes from the instruments built during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.



The ambition of this model was to create a small instrument with precise tone. It has its role models in 1930s instruments and brings the mind to blues legends like Robert Jonson and Blind Lemon Jefferson.



This is an all-round guitar that is just as suitable for fingerstyle as for strumming. It works just as well on stage as in studio. The round shapes add an extra stiffness to the top, which in turn creates more brilliance in the treble. This without losing anything in the lower registers.



This is my interpretation of a dreadnought. The guitar form was first launched by C.F Martin during the interwar period with the aim of increasing the volume in relation to the small guitars built so far. The orchestras had become bigger and louder. If the guitar was to be heard, more air would have to move. It is a standard instrument in Bluegrass and Country music.


Additional options

You have the opportunity to make your own mark on the guitar you order. I offer both Venetian and Florentine cutaway on all models. You can also get a fretboard with True Temperament, which gives an absolutely perfect pitch. Maybe you have some kind of wood that has grown in your garden. It can turn into bridge, fretboard or decorations. Personal inlays in the fretboard is also possible. However, there is a limit to everything. As a builder, I should be able to stand for every part of the guitar. A decoration or wood choice that negatively affects sound, aesthetics or structure will not be questioned. But everything can be discussed.




Feel free to contact me using the contact form on this page. I will be happy to respond quickly to your needs and requests.


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