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I'm a guitar maker in South Korea.

I live in Jeju Island.

Currently, I'm preparing for my guitar show.




Hi, my name is Giju Chang and I am a Korean. I live in Jeju island, South Korea, but currently I am staying at Red Wing, Minnesota to learn how to make a guitar. Although I've made a few guitars, I always want to learn right ways to make guitars from the expert.

When I was in high school, I saw some my friends who can play an instrument such as guitar, drum, and piano, since then I really wanted to learn playing guitar. However my parents didn't allow me, they wanted me to focus on studying, so I gave up learning.

I was barely able to learn guitar since I went to a college. When I was a freshman, I joined the small guitar group to learn it and I practiced everyday, but I couldn't improve the playing skills because of my pitiable lack of talent. So I moved my focus from playing guitar to making.

I made my first guitar in 2011. My first teacher is a classical guitar maker who study in Germany for four years. He had wonderful skills and technique, but I was more interested in steel string guitar and electric guitar.

Although I am still learning making a guitar, I hope I am going to make a great guitar sooner or later.
Thank you!



  • 데미안, 제주시, 제주특별자치도 63004, 대한민국

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