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I will never forget the first time spending some quality time with the first guitar I have ever made. It was a classical guitar that I had built in my second year of International Lutherie School Antwerp. Although my classical repertoire was very, very limited, I still could play on that instrument for hours and hours. This guitar opened the door for a whole new way of making music. Inspired by the responsiveness (and maybe even the lack of side dots) I was able to let the guitar lead the way, and really talk to me. This new experience was completely mind-blowing to me. It felt like music in it's purest form, and with times it even felt like a form of meditation. At this point it was very clear for me what kind of guitars I wanted to make. Guitars with a unique voice, that makes the player aware of how the strings want to vibrate, and how the guitar wants to fill the room.

I build with a very strict eye on aesthetics and I strive to make every guitar unique and tasteful. I adore the vibe of vintage steelstring guitars, but I am trying to implement the more traditional marquetry that is often found in classical guitars. I enjoy making uniquely designed rosettes and purflings for every guitar, allowing me to match and fit everything together perfectly. The result is a guitar with pleasing and harmonious aesthetics.

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