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Description of this instrument for sale

This is a guitar based on the Martin made, Ditson guitars. This is the smallest size 1.
It is close to the original design, with a few differences... the main one being the back and sides are made with Australian Blackwood. Also the end of the fretboard is curved around the sound hole unlike the original design.

The top is fan braced as the original design

Spruce top
Australian Blackwood back and sides
Mahogny neck
Ebony fretboard and bridge

Scale length 623mm

Price & Currency for this instrument
  • 1900
  • € (Euro)
More information about the price for this instrument

This cost includes a case, but not a fitted one. I can't get a case to fit this instrument in Australia, so I use a small parlour guitar case that is close but still needs a bit of padding.
I can also deliver in a plywood crate if prefered.

Delivery cost is extra, contact me with a location and I can give a quote for delivery, thanks for looking!

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