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Bass specialist store located in Burgos, North of Spain.

Please check our website to see our whole inventory:

We set up our showroom back in 2005 and we've sold hundreds of basses ever since. Our approach to bass selling is pretty unique:

- Huge stock of instruments (over 300 at all times) ready to be tested and/or shipped immediately

- Personal selection of each of these instruments. We know our stuff and just don't take any manufacturers' statements for granted. We need to test the instruments ourselves to see if they are really so good.

- We test each of the instruments we receive, be it a luthier's bass or some big company's product. If the instrument passes our painstakingly process we put it for sale. If it doesn't we simply pack it up and return it. This means you are buying a bass that has passed our stringent quality control. We just don't move cardboard boxes like some other shops. Our pledge is "if it is not good enough for us, it's not good enough for our customers".

- Of course we are bassplayers. That's the only way. We attend tradeshows, visit luthier's shops, go to (and sometimes organize) bass events, etc. We have a very busy musical life too so you are dealing with someone that really know what you mean when you ask for very specific things.

- We write gear reviews for Bajos y Bajistas, the only 100% bass magazine in Spanish:

- We take customer attention seriously. No matter if you come to visit us in Burgos, Spain, or if you place an order from home, you get the best shopping experience. We can take additional pictures, take extra measurements and if needed, even audio or video samples of the instrument you are buying.

- We have a lot of experience shipping instruments worldwide. If you are based in the US we handle all the required paperwork such as Declaration of Certain Content, Lacey Act Form, etc.

- We answer fast, especially by email. Don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Plaza San Bruno 14 Bajo, San Bruno, Burgos, Provincia de Burgos 09007, España

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