Ernesto Ramirez, born in Mexico City in 1951, played the contrabass for symphonic orchestras such as the Symphonic Orchestra of the State of Mexico and the Real de Lieja Orchestra in Belgium before becoming a violin craftsman.

This books marks 36 years in his life as a violin maker, a profession that he has carried out while expanding beyond the craft itself into other areas of knowledge, including the history of the violin, its proportions, and the dissemination of the art of violin making.



Ernesto has uncovered a system of design based on proportion that simply and accurately describes the essential dimensions of the violin. He convincingly shows how the dimensions of the violin, viola, and cello are related to each other and how their forms are all easily derived by using the same practical system of proportion. The book also contains a wealth of insights into the history and origins of the violin. This book will certainly shake up the debate over the principles of violin design and will be of interest to violin historians and builders alike.

Andrew Carruthers



The book is available in three languages:

  • The X File of the Violin (English)
  • El expediente X del Violin (Español)
  • Die Akte X der Geige (German)


The book is available for sale in three languages directly on the website of Ernesto Ramirez at this address:


The X File of the Violin

Perfect symmetry or optimal sound.

A book containing 100 pages of history, data and illustrations describing the design method andrea amati and violin makers of the 16th and 17th centuries may have used to create their instruments and revealing how the aesthetics of the instruments directly correspond to their sonority.



El expediente X del violín

La perfecta simetría o el sonido óptimo

Un libro de 100 paginas que contiene historia, datos, gráficas e ilustraciones que describen el método de diseño que andrea amati y los lauderos de los siglos xvi y xvii pudieron haber utilizado para crear sus instrumentos y cómo la simetria estética de los mismos corresponde directamente a su sonoridad.



Die Akte X der Geige

Die perfekte Symmetrie oder der optimale Klang

Ein buch mit 100 seiten von geschichte, daten und illustrationen, die das konstruktionsverfahren das andrea amati und die geigenbauer des 16. und 17. jahrhunderts offensichtlich für die erstellung ihrer modelle verwendeten, und wie die ästhetik der instrumente einfluss auf ihren klang hat.



You can also visit the personal page of Ernesto Ramirez who is also a violin maker based in México:



Discover an article about the book in the blog:



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