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The Accordina is a wind musical instrument with a chromatic keyboard invented in the 1930s. It usually uses the keyboard of the chromatic accordion, and more recently the keyboard of certain 3-row diatonic pulls. Its range varies from 2 to 3 and a half octaves depending on the model (24 notes or 60 notes) in a range of your choice Low (1 Octave below the traditional Borel) or Soprano. In addition, my models incorporate the possibility of a third and fourth row.

To play the accordina, you blow into the mouthpiece (by mouth or with the help of a bellows) while simultaneously pressing a note on the keyboard to obtain a sound. It is possible to sound several notes simultaneously, to play chords and make melodic lines with the left hand. A compensator (optional) allows air to be stored and melody and chord to be played simultaneously.

A flexible hose brings air from the mouthpiece to the instrument. There are currently 3 different mouthpiece shapes depending on the morphology of the musician: a rather elongated shape, a second close to that of the trumpet and the last that resembles the flute. Each mouthpiece family allows attacks of different notes.

Its colorful keyboard makes it easy to find your way around the keyboard and to have a graphic illustration of the music directly on the instrument. You can also order a black and white keyboard version.

Its touch listening system allows for kinesthetic feedback. An optional belt or harness allows for standing and walking around.

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