Man has always sought to perfect his art. The field of instrumental making is mainly based on empirical laws, transmitted from teacher to student, making it difficult to make totally custom-made instruments.

The techniques used in instrumental making vary from one field to another and are compartmentalized. Acousticians usually focus on the complex problems that govern the operation of musical instruments, without really worrying about the problems that musicians may encounter.

Finally, the aesthetics and shape of musical instruments, which have evolved over the course of history, do not always take into account the ergonomic aspects linked to musical practice.

My apprenticeship with well recognized Art handcraft mans from different domains (luxury, leather, jewelry, lacquers, drawings and molding , blacksmith, ...) combined with the triple competence of engineer, instrument maker and therapist, I propose to adapt, design or create adapted instruments to the needs of musicians, reached or not of a disability.

I build also a full range of free reeds instruments modular and widely customizable like accordions, bandonions, melodions, concertinas, chromatic stradella and free bass system.

You could see on pictures :

- The Bombarde bass, a new instrument I create for a local traditional band (2 Octave lower that a tradition local oboe from Brittany),

- The accordina 3, 4 and 5 rows which are redesigned air blown accordion initially created by A. BOREL on the 60',

- The Octodyna 60 and 24 which are two instruments I created in 2014 for musicians suffering from Dyslexia and learning deases ,

- Some of my diatonic accordions models and mechanics,

- A poster presenting a modular range of accordion I create in 2019 to extend the possibilities of customization of my instruments even after sale,

- Some pictures of tint and shades process,
-A piece of art created in collaboration with the artist Marcos Avilla in 2018,

-A sound and light healing table for traditional acupuncture therapists


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