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The Approdéon is a creation I made ( 2019-2021 ) for helping people suffering for learning disabilities (like Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Dysmusia and more).

It take all the roots and advantages of the Octodyna (2012-2014) a specially designed blown instrument especially in regards of my learning specifications. This project have been awarded few times since 2014.

Giving a bellow and a second symmetrical keyboard to the Octodyna, the Approdeon is born in 2021.

See keyboard organisation in picture section.

Price & Currency for this instrument
  • 6300
  • € (Euro)
More information about the price for this instrument

This instrument is made most of times according of the needs of the client. As my work is to create adapted and custom instrument the price varies to one instrument to one other.
Here I put the mean statistical value for this instrument for information, and a final price will be adapted to your request (ergonomics, quality of reeds, options, etc ...)

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