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Accordions in the Evolution range are designed to evolve according to the musicians' needs. In practice, you buy an accordion with a starting bet (2 row 8 bass for example) and you can switch to a 3 row 18 bass when you feel the need without changing the body of the instrument. You can also change the tone in minutes!

Many options
Accordions in this range have MIDI, Electro-acoustic, color keyboard options and various ergonomic options. An original system of interchangeable grids allows you to completely modify the sound of your accordion in a few seconds.

Personalize your instrument
You can customize your grille, bellows and choose your wood species so that your instrument is unlike any other!

A lifetime investment
Do not be afraid of making mistakes, with this range, you are guaranteed that your instrument will evolve with you without losing its market value!

Keyboards available
In the evolution range, all types of keyboards are possible. You can even switch from one keyboard to another in a few minutes!

Price & Currency for this instrument
  • 2320
  • € (Euro)
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This range is totally custom so the instruments are unique and the price depends on the options chosen.

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