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Based in Forchheim Germany, we are a small luthier workshop specialised in building high-end solo violins for demanding players. We aspire to build only the best of the best. Therefore we exclusively use tonewood of the best quality, elaborate it to the highest degree and ennoble every piece with our special spirit varnish, made from a fine selection of natural resins.


30 Year Matured Regional Tonewood

Over the years we build up a large stock of fine tonewoods. They come from the best regions of Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland and Bosnia. We purchase our tonewood exclusively from local tonewood suppliers where we personally select every piece for its sound properties and grain. We are proud to say that all our instruments are made from at least 30-year-old matured tonewoods of the highest quality.


Subtleties of 1/10 of a Millimeter

Many factors are crucial for creating the full and brilliant sound of our violins. Only due to our experience of several decades we are able to combine all of those into perfection. In absolute precision work, the top and bottom of the instruments are crafted into an ideal arch. In this process subtleties of only 1/10th of a millimetre are crucial for the final result. Small details like a correctly positioned bass bar and a perfectly fitted neck ensure an impressing sound and excellent playability. Looks are important to us, and this is recognisable by cleanly cut corners, a beautifully carved scroll and many more finesses.


Natural Resins & Propolis

We varnish all our instruments with a traditional spirit hand-varnish to our own recipe. To achieve an excellent result we have to apply up to 25 thin layers. Our varnish is made solely from natural resins like Sandrac or Mastic and natural additives which results in a smooth finish and a rich surface. The application with a brush by hand gives many benefits over airbrushing the violin. Due to that our varnish stands out with its unique finish, deep transparency and stunning colour intensity. The right varnish composition is vital for the violin’s protection and also enables unfettered tone development and strong projection.


Individually Adapted Set Up

Without a properly and individually fitted set up our violins can’t unleash their true sound potential. Therefore we adapt the bridge and soundpost accurately for each violin and optimise the sound characteristics. Furthermore, we choose matching accessories like the tailpiece, pegs and chin rest for every violin. We trust in the high-quality products from “Tempel” and “Josef Teller”. When it comes to strings, we use the top lines of renowned brands like “Pirastro” or “Thomastik Infeld”.


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