Good day to you! I am glad you found your way to my page.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Gerhard Schöpp (Gerhard Schoepp, for the countries where the letter Ö does not exist).
I am a luthier in Zell am See, Austria. My work is focused on building steelstring guitars and repairs, but i do also make electric and classic guitars, archtops and violins.

Driven by my curiosity to know how things work, i started building my first guitar in the year 2008, with the help of a book and tools from my grandfather. From day one I was hooked! I found myself planning the next guitar before I even finished the first one. For a few years, I kept making various guitars (mostly electric) as a hobby, until I decided to learn the craft for real. I was lucky to be allowed to attend the school for luthiery in Hallstatt, Austria from 2013 to 2017, where I learned not only guitarmaking, but also violinmaking and repairwork. Besides learning to make beautiful instruments, I kept working as an architect, which is what I originally studied to become, mostly night time and on weekends.

Since then, a lot has changed. I gave up my job as architect and set up my workshop in my parent’s house in Zell am See, Austria, starting to work fulltime as a luthier. And what a joy it has been! Every day I am thankful to be able to work in this awesome job. This is my passion, this is what I am meant to be. Luthier through and through!


Gartenstraße 7, 5700 Zell am See, Austria

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