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I am a British luthier currently based in Nantes, France.

I make handcrafted steel and nylon string acoustic guitars. Using the finest materials I can find, every guitar is unique and truly individual.

Guitar building is a complete passion for me, there is nothing like designing and constructing an instrument from scratch. Watching a guitar take its form and sound over a number of weeks is so rewarding.

My aim is to make individual and unique instruments. I work on a maximum of two guitars at a time, the idea is quality and not quantity. Because of this i make only a small number of guitars per year.

Each guitar is finished with a french polished shellac finish. This in itself is very time consuming and takes a long time to master. The results are amazing, both beautiful to the eye and the ear. I find the finish brings the wood to life and really helps the guitar to breathe.... achieving the best tone possible.

I came to guitar making after touring with bands for nearly 10 years. I started off as a touring guitar technician, having fixed and maintained many guitars of all shapes and sizes. I decided it was time to start creating my own instruments. I wanted to create something which could only be made by an individual, a handcrafted guitar which focuses on sound and design.

I still tour with bands, I am however very selective whom I work with. I want to spend most of my time on guitar building. This is my priority and my passion.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more info on my guitars or build process. Or just to say hello.



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