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I've been repairing guitars since the mid 1990's, and building since 1999.  In the summer of 2017 I moved my shop from La Riviere, Manitoba back to Winnipeg.  This city has all of my favourite musicians.
My father was a mechanical engineer for John Deere, he's been a great source of inspiration throughout my life.  He still quotes: "The first design is never the best and the latest design is just a step in the right direction."  Things change.  Music evolves and so do the instruments we use to make it.  My mother has always been the nurturing and supportive type, she is an amazing human.  Her father, my "Grandpa Goertzen" was the mandolin player for the Lincoln County Peach Pickers.  He inspired me in many ways, he was the person who said to me when I was 14 years old, driving home from Paul Saunders' shop in Wainfleet, Ontario, "Jer, you know, I think that is something you'd be really good at, and you'd probably really enjoy it".   Both my grandfathers worked hard doing things they did not love.  They worked out of necessity.  It's not as though I don't work out of necessity, but I am fortunate enough to do something I sincerely love.  I am privileged enough to build instruments for people who play them.   I have taught hundreds of people how to build and repair guitars, repaired well over 14,000 instruments, built just under 200, and I'm still in business.
​Times are strange, let's help each other out where we can and make music!

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