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Hervé BERARDET - OSIRIS - Semi-hollowbody Innovative - Uncompromising - Traveling - Modular / CENTRAL PART: Maple, Humbucker

Osiris is a guitar that can be all guitars at once. Traveling and modular, it can be a contortionist to travel light.


Osiris is a completely innovative guitar. It can be all guitars at once and none in particular.

Osiris is inesisissable! Traveling and modular. It can lose its head and be a contorsionist to travel lightly and restoring its ashes by being other...


  • Its genesis:

The origin of the guitar: After a model of travel guitar made for a customer 10 years ago, and several months of gestation, the luthier Hervé BERARDET developed the initial idea. To achieve a unique innovative guitar:

Make a semi-hollow body guitar, both nomadic and multiple!

Before reassembling it, you can swap different parts to get several guitars in one!
Osiris, god and mythical king of ancient Egypt, murdered and dismembered by his brother Seth, was born again thanks to his sisters. They breathed new life into it with a flutter of its wings. And he became « other ». Thus, the rebirth of Osiris heralds all forms of possible renewal!

  • Modularity:

Modularity is at the heart of innovation. It revolves around a central part and 2 lateral parts:
The central part is a basic MAPLE piece with a HUMBUCKER.

This can be exchanged with another one in walnut, in order to obtain another sound with a P90 pickup. Or with a pear one, with a Charlie Christian's type pickup.
The 2 movable side parts (treble level / bass level) are removable. They can then be replaced by 2 others of different shape and wood.

Following its disassembly: simply reassemble the neck on the guitar with another central part and / or two other sides. Thus, Osiris is reborn in another form and another wood. We then obtain different aesthetics, visual and acoustic. It brings new sensations and inspirations to the musician!

  • Traveling:

The neck, a key element for the guitarist, screwed to the central part is removable to be inserted in luggage.

In conclusion, Osiris disassembles completely to fit in a simple luggage (in the airplane cabin). And thus goes completely unnoticed in a backpack. Then can become a completely different guitar by exchanging its central part and its lateral parts with others. Allowing you to obtain several different aesthetic and acoustic results. And several guitars in one!

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  • 4000
  • € (Euro)
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  • From 4000€: simple binding, 1 pickup, luggage Luxbag included
  • To 6000€: 2x double binding, 1 pickup, luggage Luxbag included


  • 5100€: simple binding, 1 pickup/ 2nd central part + another pickup/ luggage  Luxbag  included (+190€ for another P90 /+220€ for another Humbucker)
  • 7500€: 2x double binding, 1 pickup/ 2nd central part + another pickup/ luggage  Luxbag included (+190€ for another P90 /+220€ for another Humbucker)

Included options: for local wood (pear or maple or walnut), pickup (Humbucker or P90 or Charlie Christian)

Production time : 4 to 6 months

Extra Shipping Costs : Please ask us for more informations

Additional options: pickups, lateral sides (for other aesthetics), varnish


Non-contractual photos: 2x double bindings, 2 pickups (high range), varnish

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    Bordeaux, Gironde, France

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