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Building guitars since 1974. I've dedicated the past 15 years to acoustical research and development of more responsive classical guitars.

While not every enhancement is uniquely my own, the combination of elements I utilize combine to make for consistent sensitivity, power and balance on each instrument. These instruments are especially powerful in the mid - upper range.

Some of these enhancements include

  • High arch (dome) top and back
  • Cedar, Balsa & Nomex "double top" soundboards
    • Diamond spider hybrid fan/radial bracing pattern
  • OR Solid Spruce, Cedar or Redwood soundboards
    • Traditional fan bracing
  • Single point "Pin" soundboard suspension
  • Light weight Sapele bridge with intonated Snakewood, Rosewood or African Blackwood saddle (bone or Corian by request)
  • Fully lined sides for maximum stiffness
  • Full fingerboard extension support - 650 mm scale standard, 632 mm option
  • Stiffness matched backs; Rosewood(s), Sapele, Maple(s), Red Oak, Oregon Myrtle, Sycamore (Plane tree), Spanish Cedar, Cocobolo, Granadillo etc.
  • Bridge saddles and nuts are intonated for as close to true equal temperament as possible.
  • Rubner Roll tuners
  • Each instrument is played in for at least a month. Adjustments to action, sound quality and intonation are made before offering for sale.

I have a few instruments available for evaluation. Inquire by email if you are interested. Prices start at US $3,800.00 including a hard shell case.


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