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Ivan Bruna's guitar flourishes from the oldest and most deeply rooted tradition of musical instruments making.

Ivan Bruna specializes in construction of classical lutherie guitars of the highest level.

He follows the oldest traditional methods to offer a completely handmade product: from tree to sound through expert hands.

He seeks to popularize his products as an example of Italian excellence and Made in Tuscany.



About me

It all started when I realized that my dream job should have embodied as much as possible my passions and aptitudes.

I wanted to express my precision and aesthetic sense and combine them with my passion for music, classical guitar and handmade works.

I decided in my twenties to enrol in the “Public school of luthiery of Milan” where my path as a guitar maker begun.
After specializing in the making of classical guitars, I did an internship with the Master luthier Enrico Bottelli in his workshop.

It was an amazing period in which I had the opportunity, as in the best traditions, to learn from a great Master in his workshop: a fruitful time when I was able to master the art of shaping the sound in order to obtain the one I most identify with.



The decorations reflect the care and attention that I put into making my guitars.
They coherently show the uniqueness and precision each part of the guitar has been made with.

The mosaic rosettes entail a well-known complexity and are all personally handmade using wood neither stained nor painted.

The natural wood colours lend indeed to the guitar the typical coloration of its raw material.



Feel free to contact me using the contact form on this page. I will be happy to respond quickly to your needs and requests.

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