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Semi acoustic hollow body archtopped jazz guitar
LITTLE SISTER  / (la Petite Soeur du 'Beetle' Archtop)
- Own design (body and headstock)
- One piece arched and figured Ash top
- Alder body
- Maple neck & bridge (with lilac 'nut')
- Bog oak fingerboard- Bartolini floating pick up
- Volume and tone controle in pickguard
- Hand rubed natural oil finish
- Size: 13,4 inch width

See also THIS video
of Guillaume Muschalle playing 'Little Sister'
@ the GAB Festival in Paris, 2019.


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  • 2800
  • € (Euro)
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This 'LITTLE SISTER' model is not made "Semi acoustic" as most semi-acoustics are build. There is no 'sustain block' which eliminates the vibration of the top and of the back as well. In this case the top is stiffer (by thickness and bigger braces) as in a full acoustic archtop. As a result the top and back can vibrate more giving more acoustics while the electrified sound is still something between a classical Semi acoustic and a solid body...
This model is the little sister of my acoustic archtop model named "The Beetle"

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    Achterdries, Ghent, 9050 East Flanders, Belgium