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I'm a fulltime guitarmaker and I have my own workshop in Barcelona. I make spanish guitars, mostly flamenco but also several classical concert ones.

When I make a guitar I try to make my instrument the more efficient I can, so I'm always analizing the performance of each part and how it contribute to the final sound. A lot of hours that I spend in the proces are invisible at first sight, but actually counts a lot on producing a fine guitar. Such things as preparing internal surfaces, making the internal structure stiff, putting "contrafajas" instead of tentellones are time consuming but worth it. Every time I make a guitar I take notes and make plans of it. I use different types of adhesives depending on the nature of the joint but mostly I use animal glue.

I finish my guitars french polishing with my own formula of shellac and I like to play with types of natural resins and dyes I include.

  • Carrer De Granollers 6, 08032 Barcelona, provincia de Barcelona, España

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