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Handmade bass by Spanish luthier Jaime Catalá Redondo.

Singlecut/neck thru design. 35" scale, BEADG tuning.

Jaime Catalá has been building basses and guitars for more than 20 years now and is one of the best luthiers in Spain. He has different models, some of which are based on some other well known basses but with a twist.

This is an exceptional instrument where no corners have been cut. It is extremely comfortable to play, allows for unrestricted access up to the 24th fret and it balances really well regardless if you play seated or standing.

Two excellent Ken Armstrong are used and there's are two switches to split the pickups. Electronics are Aguilar. The OPB-3 preamp really alllows for a lot of sonic variation. We love the 400/800Hz midrange pot (push-pull to select the frequency). Stacked Bass & Treble and Passive Tone (that works both in passive and active mode) complete the electronics.

Scale is 35" but for some reason it feels just like a 34". This is probably due to the body design. No need to stretch to reach the 1st fret as with some other 35" basses. Of course the low B is just phenomenal.

The Singlecut design not only looks beautiful. It also transmits the vibrations of the strings more effectively and adds sustain.

To sum up, an excellent handmade bass that not only looks gorgeous but it plays and sounds just as good.

This is a used bass but it's been completely refurbished by the luthier so it plays and sounds just like a new JCR. Frets have been leveled and polished so very low action is possible.

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    Plaza San Bruno 14, 09007 Burgos, Provincia de Burgos, España