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My focus is in the design and construction of electric violin family instruments including electric violas, electric cellos and electric upright basses, and occasionally electric viola da gambas. I've made almost 700 instruments of this electric bowed instrument family and they are played by professional and amateur musicians on every continent (yes, there's even one in Antarctica!) They've been featured many times on television, in movies, and on many gold and platinum records. Each instrument I make, I make with the player in mind. I work knowing that someone out there will be playing their music with what I create. That’s why no two are ever the same. Every artist is unique.

In addition in smaller numbers, I also make acoustic and electric guitars and related instruments such as mandolins and occasionally folk instruments such as harps and nyckelharpas. I also restore, repair and sell traditional acoustic violin family instruments and bows and restore and repair all manner of fretted stringed instruments as well as folk instruments such as ouds, nyckelharpas, and other instruments that require specialized knowledge and expertise that I've acquired in more than 40 years as a luthier.

One of my favorite parts of my job is helping guide a customer towards the instrument of their dreams, whether that is a child coming in with a parent choosing their first fractional violin or an accomplished professional player who has realized their current instrument is no longer the full range of expression that their music demands because their technique has surpassed the capabilities of their current instrument. This sometimes results in the creation of an instrument with a combination of features the world has not seen before.




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