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José Marques was born in Portugal.

From an early age he became interested in the music of the guitar and other string instruments.
However, as it was necessary for many in Portugal at that time, at age of 14 José began his career as a carpenter,
which he continued for many years with success, gaining much experience and skill in this field.


While living in Alentejo, Portugal, Jose was fortunate to be introduced to a traditional string instrument Luthier, Daniel Luz, and soon found the happiness of being able to learn the art of guitar making. José apprenticed for two years with Daniel Luz and was taught the art of building Portuguese Guitar, Viola Campaniça, Ukulele, classical guitar and several other instruments. All being built by hand.


After this learning time with Mr. Daniel Luz, José made a decision to increase his knowledge and understanding of various world established and respected Luthiers of past and present, learning their techniques and more about materials, etc. After 5 years living in the UK in Bury St Edmunds – Suffolk José moved to Portugal to a town called Cortiçois not far from Lisbon airport and continues to build his concert guitars. José's main influences are:


Antonio de Torres, Jose Romanillos, Hermann Hauser and Daniel Friederich.


You can listen some of the instruments in "videos"


If you would like to try my guitars, buy or know more about me please contact:


"click here"



+351 960 376 361



Cortiçois, Benfica do Ribatejo


  • R Catarina Eufemia 2, 2080-384 Benfica do Ribatejo, Distrito de Santarém, Portugal

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