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My name is Karl Jürss, and i am a journeyman in the lutherie trade.

I spend my days designing and building bespoke handmade guitars out of my workshop in Stockholm, Sweden.

My guitars have one foot in the traditional, and one foot in the modern.


The S-1

In the beginning this design came into being with the vision of making an acoustic guitar on which one could comfortably play the piece ”Cliffs of Dover” by guitar virtuoso Eric Johnson. The design has since then evolved into what it is today, a well rounded steel stringed guitar with great playability and a distinct voice.

The body is about the size of a medium classical guitar, and it features a deep cutaway allowing for play in the upper range with ease.


GS Parlor

Based on a german 19th- century guitar from an unknown builder, I’ve taken the original concept and added a touch of my own aesthetics and redesigned the interior with a more modern x-brace approach.

Built around a 24”/610mm scale length, with 12 frets to the body, the size of the instrument is comparable to a romantic parlor.


Jürss Dread

This model is my largest one, and about the size of a dreadnought. It is built around a 25,5 inch scale, which in combination with the larger body gives this guitar a potent and full sound.
It is a homage to a danish builder who I went to lutherie school with. We both built this model as our first steelstring, and had a great time doing so! Cheers Jens!


Jürss – 00

A personal favourite of mine since before my days as a guitarmaker, the 00- steelstring is something I’ve come to love, and this is my personal take on it.
A handy, but not small size makes it comfortable to sit with and gives this model a great balance in terms of tone and volume.


Jürss Classical

A medium sized classical guitar inspired by traditional methods with a touch of modern design.
One aspect being the bolt-on neck, a design I also use on my steelstring models.
It is braced with my variation of a traditional Torres-style fan bracing.


Jürss Electric

When I first started learning to play the guitar I did so on an electric one. And I still like to pick up my electric and really crank up the volume and play some old goldies!

This is my solid body electric, designed with playability in focus. With a 25” scale, complete with 24 fret access this guitar doesn’t hold you back.




Feel free to contact me using the contact form on this page. I will be happy to respond quickly to your needs and requests.


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