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Laroche Lutherie - Instrument Coming Soon

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Laroche Lutherie MKII Guitar Serial #20

00-Style Chakte kok & Italian Spruce



00-Style body Shape

4 ½” depth at lower bout. 4” depth at upper bout

Chakte kok back and sides

Northern Italian (Dolomites) mastergrade Spruce top

Mahogany binding and neck

Ebony fretboard and bridge

100+ year old spruce bracewood, layed out in a scalloped and delicate x-brace

.043-.085 fretwire

5/16” truss rod nut, 3/16” compression truss rod.

1.72” nut spacing, 2.2” bridge string spacing

24.9” Scale Length

14-fret neck joint

23 Frets (end of fretboard marks 24th location- easy locating of 2nd octave harmonic)

Matte hardwax-oil finish

Set-up exclusively with StringJoy 13-56 medium gauge phosphor-bronze strings to a playing action of bass 6/64” – treble 4.5/64”



Notes on Construction

This small-medium size guitar has a nice, clear, and balanced tonal response all the way up the neck with good volume and projection. The back is just as lively as the top, adding beautiful overtones and lively notes that resonate well with the soundboard. #20 is hard to put down and easy to play as it doesn’t stress the finger muscles much due to it’s 24.9” scale length.

Nice and fun to play, it lends itself very well to solo fingerstyle playing and singer-songwriter musicians.


Serial #20, Built from September 4th, 2022 and completed on September 17th, 2022.

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