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Music, Guitars, and Timeless Craft are my Passion.
I build these instruments by hand, one at a time, with the greatest care taken possible. I am only satisfied once it is just right.

I am also certified repair tech, and as such can perform various high quality repairs on any guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, or most any other stringed instrument. I am Taylor guitars silver certified repair tech as well.

Having extensive experience with electronics, I can also service and repair amplifiers (tube or solid state) and effect pedals.


A little bit about me:

In October 2019, I studied with Sergei deJonge in Chelsea, QC and started building classical and steel string guitars the traditional way. With time, patience, and love these instruments develop a spirit of their own.
In the spring of 2021 I decided to further my experience and went off to the Galloup Guitar building and repair School in Big Rapids, MI. This is where I honed my chops and brought my skills to the next level.

From playing them, to fixing them, to making them, I build these fine instruments for their timeless nature, for gifts, for joy. Contact me for an estimate on your next custom guitar or for any repair job.

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