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After 15 years of experience, his trajectory can be endorsed and recognized by prestigious professional musicians, government agencies and more than 7000 customers around the world.

Our workshop seek give you greater expressiveness, passion and exclusivity to each one of them instruments that pass by our hands, respecting always the artistic tradition and craft of this trade from the antique times and prevailing invariably the care, conservation and maintenance of all them instruments, maximizing it delicacy and fineness of the work made, arriving so it more close possible to it perfection.

​Therefore its his commitment to provide to each and every one of our customers and Associates (musicians, colleagues and collectors) all our experience and knowledge in the area to accompany them in the maintenance and upkeep and set up of their instruments and also serve as guides, appraisers and consultants at the time of the purchase or sale of an instrument or bow.

Also our atelier is specialized in stamp making from many years ago, for provide to our costumer the best high quality stamp making available on the market and exclusively for our profession.

Our stamps are made in bronze with a special finish and ergonomic shape and design for a easy use and with the quality for be used for a whole professional life.


Leö Salazar Luthier

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