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Originally from Northern Ireland, I have been building acoustic guitars professionally in the north of France since 2014. Although I currently offer two models (Braid, and Carrick), each instrument is truly unique, not only in the choice of materials, but in how they are prepared and worked, be it adapting the bracing for the characteristics of each top, or carving the neck according to the client's preferences. Tonewoods are sourced with great care, and stored in a climate-controlled environment to ensure each guitar is built with fully stabilized wood.

I build in a contemporary style, aiming for simplicity and elegance of form, and a tone rich in sustain and harmonics. As with all artisans, I am constantly learning, evolving my craft, striving to produce ever better work. To that end, I actively engage with my fellow luthiers, finding inspiration in the exchange of views and ideas.

There is no greater satisfaction for a luthier than to see his/her instruments being played and enjoyed to the full. If you wish to help me in this regard, whether you have a well-defined project or wish simply to talk about guitars, please get in touch!



Membre de l'APLG (Association Professionnelle des Luthiers artisans en Guitare et autres cordes pincées)

Member of the APLG (Professional Association of Guitar and other plucked strings craftsmen)

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