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Rodrigo Veras, was born in Recife, in Brazil. He is a builder of finger string musical instruments.
He inherited the knowledge of the art of Luthery with his Master Lúcio Jacob, from Viçosa/MG, through observation and dialogue within the physical space of the Master's Workshop, since 2008.

The main instruments built by Rodrigo Veras are: 10-string Viola, Viola Machete, Classical Guitar, 7 and 8-string guitars, as well as special projects designed with the musicians.
Today, he works in his workshop in Recife.

The instruments, are built in respect to the principles of the traditional Spanish method of constructing fingering string instruments, based, above all, on rereading the classical instruments of the world's leading luthiers.

In addition to his researches on renowned instruments, Rodrigo Veras builds instruments based on organological and iconographic researches of some ancient instruments that are part of the imaginary of the Viola tradition in the Northeast.

The Teaching of Luther's Art appeared in his trajectory with the realization, between 2014 and 2016, of the Qualification of 10 Constructors of Viola Machete, in São Francisco do Conde/BA, by the Project "Essa Viola dá Samba!", which had as its main objective the resumption of the artisan making and instrumental execution of Viola Machete in traditional groups of Samba Chula in the Recôncavo Baiano.

Rodrigo Veras has also had the opportunity to offer courses, lectures, workshops, didactic concerts and participation in debates about Luthery, in some of the main institutions that promote music and its related areas, especially in the Northeast of Brazil.

Another activity that permeates Luthier's work is the CORPO DU SOM - RODRIGO VERAS Exhibition, which focuses on the didactic demonstration of handcrafted construction of fingering string musical instruments. Through several platforms, it seeks an approach between the target audience (musicians, music students, artisans) and the art of Luthier.
The Exhibition provides not only a mere visiting space but an immersion in the various phases of the Brazilian Viola construction process. The Exhibition Corpo Du Som was on display at the launch of SESC SONORA BRASIL 2015-2016 (Brazilian Violas), and MOSTRA SONORA BRASIL 2016, respectively in Vitória/ES and Recife/PE.

Rodrigo has currently turned his work to the artisan making of instruments, the sharing of information about Luthery practiced in the Northeast, the study of the making of antique instruments, and research focused on the area of musical heritage.





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