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MANDRAK GUITARS - Classical, 2021

Guitar name: GAGA
Year: 2021
Soundboard: Cedar (Master)
Back: Exotic Ebony + Flamed European Maple central strip
Sides: Exotic Ebony, laminated - 2x 0.5 mm Pear, linigs are also laminated (Pear) so the sides are very stiff and there is no energy disipation in the sides
Neck: Flamed European Maple + double Carbon reinforcement in the neck neutral axis
Head: Exotic Ebony(front and back)
Fretboard: Ebony - black, no strikes
Purflings: Flamed European Maple + Arm rest
Bridge: Madagascar Rosewood (weight 18 g)
Tuners: Perona 640B with bearings

Soundboard braces: spruce, classical, asimetric - 7 braces
Finish back, sides and neck: Shellac
Finish soundboard: satin, hand finish

Guiar weight: 1905g
Case: Esteve, red

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  • 3800
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