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MARCHIONE GUITARS - 17″ Archtop guitar

I designed the 17″ Archtop to harness the incredible tonal qualities and acoustic fullness of a full size 18″ Archtop while maintaining the aspects of playability found on smaller body guitars like my 15″ and 16″ models. I achieved this by keeping as much body width and fullness in the arch as possible while decreasing the side depth of a traditional large Archtop down to 3″.

The result is a beautiful guitar that sits comfortably, even on smaller players, while providing acoustic tone that fills the room. This instrument is equally at home in traditional jazz performance settings or simply on your lap in your living room next to a glass of fine wine.

In nearly all settings, the richness of sound achieved acoustically will satisfy all of your desires. Should you want amplification, this guitar features a custom designed, hand wound, floating Marchione humbucker able to pick up all the subtleties of the pure acoustic bliss, just like the best ’50s PAFs.


If you're interested in owning a Marchione Instrument or would like more information, please feel free to contact him, he would be pleased to help you find the perfect instrument for you

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  • 30000
  • $ (US Dollar)
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  • Vintage Tremolo Solid Body $8,900
  • Set Neck Carve Top $15,000
  • 1 piece Neck Through $15,000
  • Mark Knopfler Model $16,500


  • Semi-Hollow Standard Model $19,500
  • 59 Burst Semi-Hollow $19,500
  • Master Burst $16,500


  • 15” Archtop $29,000
  • 15” Acoustic Archtop $29,000
  • 15” 7 String Archtop $30,000
  • 16” Archtop $29,000
  • 17” Archtop $30,000
  • 18” Archtop $35,000
  • 18” Texas Archtop $40,000


  • Spanish Guitars, Classical and Flamenco $16,500
  • 12 Fret Steel String $16,500
  • Marchione OM $19,000
  • Marchione OMC $19,500
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