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My guitars are handmade and tailored to the musician's vision and unique sound. My workshop is in Toulouse, south of France, but I have built instruments for people all around the world. I collaborate closely with the musicians themselves, we design their instrument together, and I then craft their sound based on their specs. The tonewood I use is chosen carefully, both for its esthetics and overall look, and for its sustain and sound.

I became passionate with guitars when I was about 9 years old and started playing. I built my first instrument at 15, and never stopped since. I studied guitar making more in depth at London Metropolitan University (Bachelor of Science, Bsc Musical Instruments, First class degree, with honours) where I learnt about the physics behind the music: acoustics, physics, material science... This theory helped me tremendously to understand how to shape and craft the sound I want from an instrument.

My esthetic vision is to built instruments that are original, comfortable to play, and to highlight the wood itself. I tend to avoid heavy and massive hardware that covers up too much of the wood, and I also avoid using PU finishes. I want to wood to be the main feature and to really put it forward while allowing it to breathe and live. I mainly use an in-house mix of oils to finish necks and bodies, and I use elegant, discreet hardware that will not get in the way of your playing. My guitars are curvy, and feminine, one could even say sexy (after all, isn't a guitar shaped like a woman's body in the first place?), and in terms of sound, they are dynamic, responsive, and I can adapt the pickups to suit your tone.

Feel free to drop me a message if you want more info, or if you just want to chat :)

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