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Artisan Josep Melo comes from Barcelona, the centre of modern design. Every year he produces a limited run of handcrafted guitars including archtop, flattop, classical and electric guitars which are specially designed by Josep to suit the needs of the individual player. Each guitar is made with meticulous care and attention to detail and rooted in the oldest European traditions. Motivated by his thirst for learning he has benefited from the experience and friendship of luthiers such as J. D'Aquisto, J.Romanillos and S. Klein.

This is the EM3 model. "In memory of James L.D'Aquisto"

This is an electric guitar featuring internal sound chambers which contribute to its distinctive timber, superior balance and precise sound. Two Bartolini PBF-55 and PBF-77 pickups are used to capture all the nuances. The EM3's light weight and smaller body size make for superior playability and comfort plus you get unrestricted access to all 24 frets.

Body is made from mahogany and the top is a gorgeous piece of European flamed maple. Fingerboard, bridge, tailpiece, pickguard and knobs are all made from ebony. Finish is nitro.

Flightcase included

Please note: this is a new guitar but has been demoed on some trade shows. Hence the "Excellent" condition. This is NOT a used guitar.

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    Plaza San Bruno 14, 09007 Burgos, province de Burgos, Espagne