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Hello, my name is Nicolas Bordes, i am a luthier in France, settle down close to Paris in the city of Meaux.

I have been building guitars for 15 years, as an amateur, and two years ago, I opened my workshop.

I have learn this job, firtly with my father, he is a luthier for violin.Then I met a luthier close to my house, who teach me a lot of tips.

I am building guitars, mostly with maple and spruce, both coming from France, Jura.

I like to think that I didn’t bring wood from the other side of the world, i need to manage the carbon print of my instruments.

I have worked a lot on my different models to get the sound that I like, with those local woods, and now I think that my instruments can prouve that we don’t need to deforest the tropical forest to get a great guitar.

Please contact me if you want to try one of my guitars.

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