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When I started to build electric guitars in 2016, most of my customers asked me for custom guitars. Each one of them were unique, like the guitarist who asked for, and I still take a lot of pleasure making guitars with this little something, that makes them always different.

I build modern guitars or basses, often for metal players, hardrockers, and I choose to work my creations that way : take a standard/vintage style guitar, keep the specifications liked by many guitarist, and turn them into something new, but not so far from the original, creating my identity.

I take care of the woods I use, always selected for their beauty, regularity of the grain, their weight. I means a lot for me to work with beautiful materials, I can choose the good mix to always have someting new, even when I work on the same shape.

The hardware is also selected, Hepcat Pickups, or my own NW Pickups created for some of my guitars models. The guitarist is free to choose what is best for him.

I work now with a friend of mine who makes mindblowing bridges, selected steels and the highest precision you will find. We worked side by side to create headless tuners, just how I wanted them to be. It's a great opportunity to work with him, because I can produce instruments with the best quality and fully custom.

In 2022, I worked on my new models, the Marinka (Superstrat Style), Thesis (Headless guitar), and the Road One.

The Road One is the fusion of a Telecaster and a Les Paul Junior, Simple, Plug and Play, Classic but modern after all. This guitar is made for the guitarists looking for the "Classic Codes" , to play rock, blues, funk, with P90, Tele Style single pickups or humbuckers, vintage finishes... made on order to "choose your own".

The Marinka (soon online) is a Superstrat style guitare, more agressive and made for rock and metal. But you can still play funk with her, all my pickups are splittable to reach more sounds.
It starts why beautiful woods, veneers, NW Pickups, available in 6 or 7 strings fanned fret, and can be customized as you wish.

The Thesis is the most modern of all. I worked almost 2 years to choose the best way to make an Headless guitars like I wanted her to be.
Insane woods like always, 6, 7 strings or more on order, fanned fret, custom headless tuners, you can make her very serious, or completely mad !

I still make full custom guitars or basses, some of them will be show on the website so you can have an idea of my work.

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