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Octigan Guitars Semihollow Electric OG2520


This instrument, a 15 inch lower bout semi hollow has 2 inch deep sides and is at 25 scale.


The body is in Otways Blackwood with the front and back hand carved plates from the same billet, neck and fretboard in River Sheoak, binding in River Sheoak, Evo gold fretwork, hand wound vintage style pup by Melbourne pickups, Schaller roller bridge, Grover Rotomatic tuners


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  • 5300
  • $ (US Dollar)
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Octigan Guitars Semihollow Electric OG2520


The price indicated does include the custom made road case by [Caseman].

Does NOT include shipping costs or taxes.

Shipping costs do fluctuate and are also dependant on the value of the instrument as i always prefer to ask for full insurance cover.

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