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An instrument that is surrounded by a very special aura. Which, through its appearance and the materials used, seems to have arisen from a parallel timeline.

The cracked varnish exudes the charm of an instrument with an eventful history, while the dynamic shape of the Levora gives it a youthful liveliness and freshness. A unique patina is added to the surfaces of the nickel hardware by hand, completing the vintage look. The body wood used is thermo alder or thermo ash, where the natural biochemical ageing process of the wood has been imitated through thermal treatment.

The carbon reinforced neck benefits from modern developments in guitar construction and allows history and modernity to merge thematically. Together with the stainless steel frets, it sings and sounds clear and with long sustain. The locking tuners add an equally modern achievement to this vintage guitar, which has a very positive effect on tuning stability. With the pickups from pickup specialist Harry Häussel, the sound of this guitar is perfected.

Price & Currency for this instrument
  • 4500
  • € (Euro)
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The guitar shown is not for sale and is for illustrative purposes only.

The price is to be understood as an indicative price and depends on the individual specification.

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