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Custom, hypoallergenic, olive wood chin rest

The chin rest is the largest area of contact between your body as a musician and your instrument. This is why we offer an original accessory, unique and natural: a link between you and your instrument.

We chose to call our company Oli Sento in order to describe the sensation of softness and comfort of our chinrests. What is more natural then to give it those words of esperanto that mean: I feel. For this is what characterizes the sense of touch when it comes to this link and the olive wood.

The suggested timber is the olive tree whose leaves, bark and fruits are used in the treatment and prevention of skin problems. This wood has the particularity to moisturize the skin and can be periodically brushed with olive oil to reinforce its emollient properties.

Titanium is a strong yet lightweight metal. It is often used in medicine for the design of orthopedic implants.

The chinrest Oli Sento is the convergence of these two components. It can be custom made in collaboration with the musician so that it meets their individual needs, chosen from an assortment of models, or as a copy of a particular model.

Our olive wood is imported from South of France, where it was cut according to the rules of the art. Carefully selected to be free from defects, it is allowed to dry for several years before being used in our workshop.

Our chinrests are all handmade by David Widmer & Rebecca Pierce in our workshop in Montréal, Canada.

We suggest you choose the type of fasteners on your instrument for copy and custom models.

Commonly used in aeronautics and medical implants, our chin rests' metal pieces are made of titanium. This material provides a strong yet lightweight link between olive wood and your instrument. Its use has developed in medicine because of its biocompatible nature.

Custom made
A custom chinrest requires some adjustment work to be done in conjunction with the musician. The first step will be to make a mold or partial imprint of modeling clay to determine the parameters needed to make your chinrest. A trial period is the second step. During this step we will adjust your chinrest until you are satisfied with the fit and comfort. The third step is the finalization that will result in a light and elegant chinrest.

Contact us to explain your requirements and we will propose a solution adapted to your needs.

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