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All electric guitars and basses made by Christoph Noe (founder of On Guitars) are the result of his hard work and dedication. His unique combination of modern design and traditional craftsmanship produces guitars and basses of the highest quality.

With special care, only the best materials and components are selected to ensure that each musical instrument is as good as it gets.

The shape and size of the body designs of my models are designed for maximum comfort and playability. The finely crafted neck provides a comfortable feel, and the pickups are perfectly balanced to ensure maximum range.

All instruments is designed to be resonant and have a wide dynamic range. Whether electric guitar or electric bass, each musical instrument is perfectly tuned to ensure a rich and full sound.

On Guitars models are known for their modern and unique design, which is achieved through special colors and materials.

As a customer, you can choose from a variety of color finishes and woods to create your own unique look for your musical instrument. Contact me directly to discuss customization options and pricing.

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