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This guitar is equipped with Nick Silver Ivory Tulip pickups that project all the details of your playing and give it a nice warm and balanced feel. All pickup combinations have a distinct character without any harshness even in the bridge position.

Woods & Hardware

With the Wudtone CP Holy Grail tremolo you can achieve shimmering surf sounds without losing tuning stability and sustain. Its optimized roll-off and a thin stainless steel washer distribute the pressure evenly and guarantee a reliable and stable function over a long period of time.

The body is made of temperature-treated sweet chestnut. It has similar properties to swamp ash in terms of structure and weight, but is harvested locally in Europe.

The neck is made of a beautifully grained piece of walnut with a bog oak fingerboard. The open-grained structure feels very supple and grippy in the player's hand.

Last but not least, this guitar features a very unique custom 2-ply pickguard made of linoleum and a thin sheet of aluminum. Linoleum is very resistant to scratches and it just looks and feels amazing.


  • 25.5 in
  • 22 frets
  • 3.8 kg
  • Walnut neck
  • Bog oak fretboard
  • Temperature-treated sweet chestnut body
  • 16 inch fretboard radius
  • Finish: Grey white, silk matt clear coat
  • Pickups: Nick Silver Ivory Tulip Set
  • Wudtone CP Holy Grail Tremolo
  • Kluson No-Line Tuners M6NLP
  • CTS Pots 250K
  • TAD Vintage Oil Cap 0.02 µF
  • Custom linoleum 2-ply with aluminium backing board
  • Gator hardshell case included

This one is already sold.

However, a similar model can be ordered. Feel free to contact me via the contact form on this page.

Price for this instrument
  • 3250
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The instrument is delivered with a Gator hardshell case.

Shipping costs are not included and depend on where you live.

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