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PDS Guitars Peter de Smet 6 String Lap Steel

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This instrument is sold, you can order a new one ;-)

About Peter de Smet, founder of PDS Guitars:

I am an independent luthier with more than 25 years of experience building handcrafted, flat top, classical, arch top and resonator guitars. The dialogue between musician and instrument maker is a principle that I place a high value on. My experience as a luthier combined with the individual needs of the musician will deliver a unique customized instrument as outcome.

I execute all kinds of maintenance and repairs to both acoustic and electric fretted instruments. Most common maintenance tasks are refretting, fretboard levelling, bridge and saddle renewal, neck reset and general adjustment.

Besides that any kind of reparation on broken or vintage instruments can be done with the greatest care and respect for the original build.



At this moment I have 6 beauties for sale :

  • 2 parlors,
  • 1 jumbo,
  • 1 OM model,
  • 1 resonator guitar
  • and 1 electric guitar.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information. I'll be happy to get in touch with you.




If you wish to see more pictures of this instrument, I invite you to read this article in the blog:


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  • This instrument will be sold with a nice hard case.


Shipping costs not included, to be discussed together depending on where you live.

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