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Lutherie has always been my passion. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to build beautiful guitars because I had a fascination with how they were made, the shape, the sound and the variation of beautiful exotic woods - it required a lot of knowledge, skill and creativity to think of how to put the perfect instrument together. So I started to learn how to make guitars at a young age, attending ITEMM school of lutherie and at the same time working in an instrument shop. My passion led me to open my own business which I had for 15 years in Brest city repairing and building guitars. During this time, I learned how to build acoustic guitars, electric and various other instruments, but I learned that I love to make acoustics the most. I've also been honored to teach guitar making in ITEMM, French college of lutherie that led me to grow my passion.

Then around 2013/2014 I had the opportunity to go and work for what I consider to be the best guitar makers in Northern Ireland, working for George Lowden. While I worked at Lowden Guitars I increased my knowledge and skill greatly and this changed my own view on what was more aesthetically pleasing in the shape of a guitar and of course what sounded good. After leaving Lowden, I started to work for myself again, creating my own signature guitars. I developed what would now be my signature shape and style - my guitars are compact but have an ample sound for the shape and size while being easy to play.

I have learned from the best along my travels around the world, and I never stop learning new technics, perfecting and revewing all my processes and continuously refining my skill.


Pierre Marc Quintric - Quintric Guitars


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