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Roadrunner Guitars Contour Fiesta Red For Sale


How is this guitar made?

For this model, anxious to respect our traditions, we have applied our same traditional manufacturing methods, by hand, without numerical control -CNC- ...


Technical data sheet:


  • Maple
  • Headstock 6×1


  • Mirabellier


  • Fiesta Red


  • Neck : Tele
  • Bridge : Strat


  • Mirabellier fingerboard
  • Acetate pickguard
  • Classic tele pickup neck
  • Matching Headstock


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  • 2365
  • € (Euro)
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Discount Price: 2 365 €

Normal price: 2 470 €


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Frais de port non inclus, à discuter ensemble selon où vous habitez.

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