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A truly handmade instrument is something special. Each instrument is unique and each part of the instrument is carefully selected and worked to create the finest instrument possible.

This is especially true with the classical guitar. It requires to be made with such sensitivity, balancing the need for the guitar to handle the tension from the strings whilst being responsive enough to give great depth, colour and sound from each note. The player's technique and touch, the maker's craft must work together to achieve this.

That is what excites me about producing the best classical guitars I can. I use traditional methods, techniques and materials to achieve this. I work with hot hide glue for the most part. I build using the Spanish method, in a solera with a slipper heel neck being joined to the top first.

My bracing is based on the Torres 5 to 7 fans. I also work with open harmonic bars depending on the type of sound required.

My philosophy is to build multi-generational instruments that will last the test of time. This helps to inform my use of materials that can easily be re-worked and repaired including hide glue and natural finishes, French polish or oil.

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