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I'm an instrument maker from the south of France. I'm mostly doing full custom requests, directly from the mind of the artists. I like to create designs with the maximum of informations from the customers and give birth to their dream.

The crazier the better !

I make mostly electric violins, 4 and 5 strings, and I'm using fantastic unique magnetic pickups made by an engeneer friend, the sound is beautiful, rich, powerful and do not need any preamp at all.

I'm using a lot of different woods and like to use many ones on the same instruments. I'm inspired by both traditional and modern lutherie, for building and finishing, and my style is inspired by cultural arts, like Viking, ancient Egyptian, African, etc... but I'm open to any kind of them, artistic, religious, spiritual, historical, graphic, etc...

I'm doing also my own design 24" mini bass and also can make full custom electric guitars.

I really like to talk a lot with the customer before staring designing to try to understand its personnality and story.

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    • 5 June 2023 15 h 18 min local time

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