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Located in a sleepy, green corner of North Yorkshire, Sam McClaren is a well regarded maker
of beautiful, high-end guitars. Having honed his skills at Newark College and the Totnes School
of Guitarmaking, Sam has come a long way since making his first guitar back in 2011. Now a
fully established business, Sam McClaren produces a range of prestigious guitars that are
admired by musicians all over the UK and have been showcased as far afield as Italy. Despite
his success and the growing demand for his craft, it is evident in the quality and attention to
detail of his guitars that the making of every, individual instrument remains a labour of love.
Highly influenced by the Spanish method of guitar making, Sam McClaren Guitars now offers a
range of hand-crafted concert classical guitars, steel string guitars and nylon crossover guitars,
all carefully made to a high standard of sound and design. The steel string and nylon crossover
guitars are available in two distinct categories. With an emphasis on providing an exquisite live,
plugged-in sound, the ‘Performance Series’ guitars are specially crafted for gigging musicians,
as well as being the perfect choice for a finger-style guitarist. Meanwhile, the ‘Studio Series’
guitars are highly decorative and designed with recording and studio work in mind. The ‘Studio
Series’ guitars are also available in a wider range of stunning tonewoods, providing an
opportunity to personalise the finish and create something unique.
Every musician knows that an instrument is not just a tool but a thing to be enjoyed. Therefore,
no matter the design, all of Sam McClaren’s guitars perfectly embody his very simple aim: to
create an instrument that is a pleasure to play, to listen to and to behold. Each guitar is
designed to be highly responsive, powerful and even across the fingerboard and is carefully set
up to ensure it is easy to play and possesses a true sound. From the quality of their tone to the
grain of their wood, from the simple, smooth curves of each body to the intricacy of every
hand-crafted rosette, Sam McClaren Guitars are instruments designed to be both enjoyed and

  • TS16 0QN, Stockton-on-Tees, Stockton-on-Tees, England, United Kingdom

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